Monday, November 28, 2011

Epic Sunday Sail on SF Bay

Aloha from San Francisco!  Sunday wind forecast was for 5 knots of wind.  Not much and a bunch of friends cancelled on Saturday.  Those poor chaps, indeed.  It was the best sail of the fall.  Plenty of wind in the 12-15 knot range and not many boats out and perfect conditions.  The wind was blowing from the north east and it allowed me to sail straight out towards Treasure Island.  A couple tacks and I was clear to head towards Angel Island.  The boat was very balanced and it allowed me and Kona to head out on the cabin top with the bean bag chair.   If you don't have one on board, get one.  They can add a lot of comfort both in the cockpit and around the deck.  We hit Angel and the wind began to get cut off.  I tacked and was soon racing towards Richmond.  A couple more tacks and I was heading up Racoon Strait.  This is one of the most beautiful parts of the bay.  Angel on one side and Tiburon on the other.  They call this area, the California Riviera.  Time to head back so I rig the spinnaker for a run to the barn.  I have to give myself enough room to miss the tip of Angel.  I set myself up and barely make it as the wind is pushing me towards the island.  Once free of the island, I adjust the pole and take off for our home port.  It's a lovey run and I am passing a few boats without the luxury of this beautiful sail.  I give myself plenty of room on the approch, head downwind and douse the spinnaker with our year old sock.  It works perfectly and I cleanup the spin gear and then deploy the jib once more and sail all the way into the marina.  What a nice day on the bay.  After some clean up and a little nap, I head home for a great nights sleep.  Another bon voyage indeed!

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