Saturday, December 17, 2011

2011 - A Look Back (according to Google)

Looking back on my 2011, I have been extremely blessed in so many ways.  My family is healthy, our event planning company is doing very well and heading into it's 20th year and I have some great friends to enjoy life with.  There are so many highlights and here are a few:  Lots of skiing this year including a week in Mammoth and Lake Tahoe with one of the biggest snow years ever (800"), one week charter out of La Paz to the islands with the boat partners, boys trip to Puerto Vallarta with Frank and company, a visit from Steve and family from Delaware, floating down the rivers of France for a week with my extended family, amazing day sails with lots of spinnaker action on the bay, several sails on friends boats (Olivier, Pete and John), Sailing with Ryan and his famous kegs on the boat, a darts party at the house, a week long trip up the Napa river with Tex and Julie, Baja Haha 18 to Cabo, Cancun and the Mayan Riviera with the family and Mo and Dan, awesome December events at the deYoung and Bimbo's, and a trip back east to spend the holidays with my family.  What an awesome year of my life!  I am really looking forward to 2012 and getting closer to the America's Cup!

One of the most exciting sails was a night sail coming back to Sausalito after a ballgame.  We were not expecting much wind, however when we got to the other side of the bay bridge, it was blowing 30 and very thick fog.  John was at the wheel and I had the chart plotter and AIS going to make sure we were clear of the islands and no boats were headed our way.  We made it and the adrenaline was a rush!  Hope you all had a great year as well, cheers.

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