Thursday, January 05, 2012

Tip of the Day - Airfoil (stream everything everywhere)

So you have that shinny new Macbook Air and you are sending your music library to the Apple TV via Airplay.  That's pretty cool.  Then your friends come over and you splash a few vids up on the flat panel with your iPhone.  Not bad.   Then your friend comes over and says you have to hear this album he found on Rdio.  You pull it up on your computer but there is no way to get it on your stereo (Apple TV)...until now!  With a cool utility called Airfoil, you can stream anywhere in your house.  I am currently streaming my music station: H2uh0 Radio from my laptop to my iPhone which is in a Bose sound dock.  It sounds awesome and you control it from your laptop.   Any computer, iPhone, or iPad can become an Airport Express and receive the signal through your Wifi. Hook your device up to some speakers and suddenly your whole house is filled with music!!!   It is amazingly cool.  I have been using this for years and have turned major web radio companies on to the fact if they are streaming music to home computers, they need to let their customers know about this software.  Head to this website for the download.  It will be worth it!

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