Saturday, October 12, 2013

Where to Sail in NZ

With nearly 10,000 miles of coastline to explore, it's almost impossible not to experience a day at sea while you're New Zealand. So, where is the best place to sail when you're in New Zealand? Who better to ask than the members of this award-winning sailing team.
Here's what crew members of Emirates Team NZ had to say when asked, What's your favorite place to go sailing in New Zealand?
Adam Beashel, Strategist: "My favorite place is the Whangaruru Harbour, on Northland's east coast. I love the isolation of it, the greenery and the white sand beaches. It's a great place to go kite surfing, starting off the back of a boat. It's hard to believe that you can anchor there and be all on your own.
Ray Davies, Tactician: "It has to be the Hauraki Gulf - including Kawau Island, Great Barrier Island and even around Waiheke Island. It's so accessible to Auckland city, that you can really make the most of a weekend break. We've got a launch and we get out a couple of times a month in summer.
Dean Barker, Skipper/helm: "It would have to be the Bay of Islands; it's just stunning. I've sailed in a couple of Bay of Islands Regattas, where you race through all of the islands, and it is amazing - beautiful water, nice breezes, gorgeous white sand beaches. I've tried fishing there, but without much success. I'd like to blame the equipment, but it's more about the fisherman I think... It's definitely a place I would love to spend more time with my family. "
Richard Meacham, Utility: "There are two places in New Zealand that are on a par for me. The first is the Akaroa Harbour, on the coast out of Christchurch. It's a stunning place; when you drive there by land and drop down into the harbour, its beauty is so unexpected, it takes your breath away. My other favourite is the Karikari Peninsula in the Far North, especially Matai Bay. You can just slip into the water and pick out a crayfish, or pull paua from the rocks. It's magical."

Let's go to all these spots on our 2018 expedition to NZ!  Our plan is to buy a 42' yacht and sail her to Sydney via NZ.  1.5 years and way too much fun!!

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