Monday, January 26, 2015

An Inspiration

Ruth Flowers spins the hits!
After helping to organise her grandson’s birthday party, Ruth Flowers was inspired to become a club DJ – at the age of 68. She played her first gig at the Villa Murano in Cannes aged 78, and appeared at clubs around the world as Mamy Rock until her death in May 2014, aged 83. Yakovlev photographed her in July 2012. “I spent the last four years traveling in search of people who refused to age ‘appropriately’ and instead, continued to live – joyfully and brightly, often with more exuberance than they had in their youth,” he says. “What I saw and learned completely changed my life and ideas about what humans are now capable of during what was formerly known as ‘old age’.”

I have been a DJ since 1990 and at 56 am feeling a bit old to be a DJ.  However, I recently did a great event in SF and had that crowd rocking the dance floor.  I also did a friends 60th bday in November and shook the ceiling with great tunes from the 60's.  So maybe I am not that old.  If Ruth can do it so can I.  Heck, I am planning to sail 10,000 miles to Sydney when I turn 60.  Not bad for an old guy!

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