Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New Speed Records

In winds reaching more than 50 knots, two new world speed records were set at the 2015 Lüderitz Speed Challenge on November 2 at Lüderitz, Namibia.

The current world speed record holder in windsurfing, Antoine Albeau (FRA), set a new outright windsurfing record of 53.27 knots, which improves the speed of 52.05 knots that he set in 2012. Also, Karin Jaggi (SUI) set a new female world windsurfing record of 46.31 knots, which improves on the speed of 45.83 knots set by Zara Davis (GBR) in 2012.

The records were set in an artificial 1km long channel located in the natural Lüderitz Second Lagoon just a few kilometers from Lüderitz town in the middle of the Namib Desert. Both records will need to be ratified by the World Sailing Speed Record Council.

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