Monday, June 20, 2016

Awesome Shot

Frisbee golf started way back in the 60's and became a real sport in the 70's with the invention of the basket.

I started playing in college at a local course.  I played occasionally through out my 20's and 30's.  Now they have these very specialized discs which are smaller and with a heavier rim just for golf.  They fly much further than a conventional disc.  I never mastered these discs and still play with 175 gram disc that we used for Ultimate.  A few years ago, I decided to start playing when I walk Kona at the park.  I have gotten remarkably better.  I use objects in the park and I have worked it up to a 9 hole course.

Recently I was at a party celebrating my friend Steve's 40th year of ultimate Frisbee.  A couple of his friends showed up and wanted to check out the local course.  We headed over and they all showed up with their golf discs.  I showed up with my 175 and they started giving me a hard time in a good natured way.  The kept asking if I was really gonna play with the "lid"?  The first hole was a long drive to the woods edge.  My first shot was long and true and I was right with these guys.  My second shot got me about 40 feet from the hole, but I had to get through the trees as well.  I lined it up and boom...birdie!  Lucky, right?  Everyone else parred.  Next hole we all parred.  Third hole, birdie chance again from 50!  I was on a roll and they headed back to their cars to their 175's!  It was a great game and we had a ton of fun.  If you have never tried this wonderful sport, head out the park and get crazy with hole layouts and use the sign posts, grill poles and whatever.  I don't usually use trees because they are too large of a target.   If you have a course nearby, all the better.  I was recently playing at a real golf course (think Tiger) and along with the regular holes they had placed Frisbee golf holes around the course.  How cool.  Now get out there and tee it off!

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