Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Departure: Burning Man Turns 30 (86' - 16')

My friend Chris and I depart in a few days for the Playa in Black Rock Desert.  We are joining our camp of about 40 folks for a fun filled week with 80K other burners.  The pic above is a view of the campground.  It is set up on a grid so that finding places is pretty easy.  The area of Burning Man is about 7 square miles.  Filled with music, dancing, art, giant sculptures and outrageous art cars.  We are lucky enough to have the Bioluminesent Slug in our camp.  It's a flat bed truck that has been converted into a 2 story disco that holds 40 folks.  It's awesome to jump on and meet all different types of folks who jump on as well as she gets us to all the best parties and events.

I will have  a full report upon my return on Labor Day.  Also looking forward to the Baja Haha in October!  Think Burning Man on the water.

Here is a link to a great highlight slide show of the past 10 years at
Burning Man.

Here are 2 more art cars that are pretty cool.

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