Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Running for my life!

In 2002, my son Connor was 6.  With the time that it takes to raise a son, I had put on an extra 20 pounds.  I decided it was time to lose the extra pounds by running, swimming and biking.  I ran the hills by my house for 13 years.  Five to seven runs a week, 30-45 minute runs did the trick.  I would only run uphill and recover on the down.  I had a beautiful perch above the bay as I ran with my first golden Sierra and for 7.5 years with Kona.  We were in great shape!  The pounds came off and I felt fantastic.

Last December I noticed a pain in my left knee.  I stopped running and kept swimming and biking.  The pain has persisted on and off since then and there has been no running.  Bummer.  It can get pretty bad at night but goes away as soon as I stretch my legs straight.  I believe I have a bit of arthritis in both knees now.  It sucks getting old.  My goal is to continue working out everyday and to start doing longer rides.  My normal ride is 8-10 miles through those same running hills at Coyote Hills.  As I approach departure for my big sail to Australia in 2018, I want to be in great shape.

 I really enjoyed those runs.  They were never very fast...but I was lapping everybody on the couch!

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