Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Boat Sinks on Baja Haha

A boat entering Turtle Bay hugged the coast a bit too much and hit the rocks at the entrance. All crew are safe after jumping in their dingy and motoring in. Granted it was night time, however, 3000 Haha boats have entered this bay without issues. My last time in, we entered at night and you do have to be carefull entering the bay. This is the third boat to sink during the Haha. One was taken out by a whale and another sank about a mile from the entrance to Turtle due to inattention and rocks. The fleet is on their way to Cabo this morning and will arive at the finish line on Thursday afternoon. I just got back from Cabo and a luxurious stay at a grand resort celebrating my 30th wedding aniversary with Bridget. Hence, my reason for not being with the fleet on my midnight watch. This would have been my 8th Haha. Maybe next year?

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