Thursday, November 20, 2008

Boxee/Hulu and Apple TV

If you have an AppleTV this is a must have "hack". The ATV is great for watching movies from iTunes or listening to your music collection. You can even watch Youtube on your flat panel TV. Recently some very clever folks have built a little hack that gives you access to thousands of shows and movies both old and new that are free and legal online. The hack is pretty simple (if I can do it, anybody can!) and once you load it, it is simply amazing. I flipped through some of the offerings the other night and you too can check them out at I watched an episode of "It Takes a Thief" from the the late 60's with Robert Wagner which was hilarious. Other old shows include Flipper, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Bewitched, and all the new shows as well. Even if you don't have an ATV, you should go to hulu and start looking around for some of your favorite programs and movies to watch on your laptop. All free!

Boxee is an open source media center, with social networking features, currently in an invite-only alpha stage. It is a fork of XBMC, a media center initially designed for the Xbox, but then ported to run on all major platforms. Boxee runs on Linux, Mac, and now Windows. You can put it on your AppleTV with a grandma-simple “hack“, with no adverse effects. It also includes access to CBS, Comedy Central, movie trailers, and many more. Musically, you can listen to thousands of stations on Shoutcast, Last.FM and Jamendo. This is just the beginning and development is moving quickly. If you want to rid yourself of those nasty cable bills, this is a cheap, safe and fun option. If you are interested in learning more visit youtube and search for boxee or go to the source at and get a free invite. Free your TV!

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