Thursday, November 06, 2008

iTunes 8

Here is a sample list. Click the pic for a better view.

If you are a music fan like me, you have downloaded iTunes 8. It has a neat new feature called Genius. You play a song and hit the Genius button and it creates a playlist based on your selection. You can create small playlists of 25 songs or big ones of 100. I have a huge library of music and Genius pulls out music that I haven't heard or have forgotten about. If you wish, it will also suggest music from the store. It's a great new feature and one you should have in you bag of tricks. Go to for the free download.

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WeSailFurther said...

Sort of like Pandora. Check that out - I love it. It's like a musical mind reader. And you can set up different stations/channels for variety.