Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Leaking Engine is Fixed

We have been dealing with a leak in our diesel for the last several months.  It has kept our boat from being out on the water on the weekends.  We had one mechanic tell us we needed to pull the engine to get to the leaks.  $2000 and most likely more.  I wanted a second opinion.  I contacted another mechanic and he suggested JB Weld epoxy could help us.  The area we need to work on is a small space and hard to get to.  I covered the leaking freeze plugs and then went looking for more leaks.  It took a couple times to find the areas that were leaking.  Went up to the boat this am and started her up and no leaks!  What a great feeling. I spent about $20 on JB Weld.  Beats the heck out of $2000 and possibly more headaches.  Very happy at the moment and looking forward to a sail on Sunday!!

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