Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mid Week Sailing

Had two days of weekday sailing this week.  On Tuesday, I took out a group from  I have a meet up group called Too Much Fun Sailing Club.  Do a search on the web and it is easy to find if you would like to join.  We had a group of 5 for a sail to Clipper Cove for lunch.  Took Kona over to the beach for a romp in the sand.  Then it was off to Raccoon Straits for a look around.  Getting late so we headed home.  Next day it was a sail to the Giants game with another group of 5 including John, Andy, Ginny, and Chris.  We had some great wind to get us there on time.  The Giants were playing the LA Dodgers and we wanted a sweep along with three consecutive shut outs.  The Giants went on to win 3-0 and we were very happy.  Another nice and fast sail home just before sunset.  Good times on the Addiction!!

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