Monday, June 18, 2012

Super Yachts in St. Barts

Had a very nice sail out to Angel Island with my friend Kiwoba.  Winds in the low 20's on the way over along with a gorgeous day.  Anchored in Craig's Cove again to get Kona over to the beach.  As I stood on the beach, the boat was in a different position and Kiwoba was up at the anchor.  A motor boat offered to take me back to my boat so I took them up on their offer and we made it out to the boat.  The anchor had picked up and Kiwoba had reset it with a hard yank on the rode.  We reanchored closer to the beach and I swam back in to get Kona.  He had been playing on the beach with two girls from the motor boat.  They were about 5 or so and wanted to get back to the boat.  One of the girls said she couldn't swim and needed help.  I had her grab Kona's tail and he swam her back to the boat.  It was a sweet moment.  The sail home was fast as the wind was up.  We returned shortly after 5 and Kiwoba was on her way.  I had some time so I returned for a sunset sail and came in after dark.  Had a short night onboard as I was tired.  Hit the hay and then took care of some painting projects in the morning.  Almost thought about going out again but the wind was gusting to over 30 and it looked pretty nasty out there.  Got some work done and headed home.

Here is the vid of our sail from Kiwoba:

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