Friday, November 04, 2022

Baja Haha Bummer!

Made it down to San Diego on Friday. I had the whole weekend to find a boat for the Haha. I hit the police dock and no one is looking for crew. Next day, I rented a jet ski for a tour of the local anchorages. The Haha boats are over 3 miles away so the jet ski got me there quick. No takers after hitting a dozen boats. Headed to the kick off party on Sunday and still no one looking for crew. I was getting concerned. Finally, I hooked up with Akela at the last minute at the party. His crew had cold feet and created a spot for me. We took off Monday and things were going great. We passed Ensenada and a few hours later the water pump on the engine failed. No more engine. We decided our best option was to sail back to Ensanda 60 miles and look for parts. We made it in with a tow the last mile. We found the part in San Diego. We took a car there. Joel got the parts and I headed back to SF on the plane. Joel and I hit it off and are life long friends. This would have been my 7th Haha. Maybe next year! Good luck to the fleet! When we were driving up the coast winds were in the high 20's on Thursday.

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