Wednesday, January 04, 2023

2022 - A look back at our amazing year!

2022 was off the hook! We had a bunch of travel that had been postponed due to restrictions and it all came to fruition this year. Also, in my 4th year of retirement, my sailing days increased as did the pleasure of being out there both solo and with friends. It may have been the best year of my life! New motto: At 64...there is so much more! My family is doing great and my wife is happy too. Here are some of the highlights: Finished up 2021 with a trip to the Galapagos. We took 8 friends with us for a voyage to the islands of Darwin.  Our ship was an old whaling vessel that had been converted into a luxury cruiser.  30 guests and 20 crew made the trip memorable.  The guides that took out exploring each day were awesome.  They loved showing off their islands and passing on their intimate knowledge of the flora and fauna.  The weather was great as was the food and drink.  Next up was a sailboat charter out of La Paz, MX.  5 guy friends and a 40 foot cat took us to some incredible islands for snorkeling and kayaking.  We had a breath taking first night with an amazing sunset and conversation.  More fun ensued until we were ready to depart.  Three of us tested positive for Covid and had to quarantine at a Cabo hotel for 5 days.  Next it was on to the BVI's for a 60' cat charter with 3 other couples.  These are friends of 35 years and we let the good times roll.  With a chef and captain, the only orders I was giving was for more boat drinks!  The Baths and Soggy Dollar were the highlights.  Our last big adventure was 12 days of safari in the Serengeti of Africa.  I must say the animals seem to be thriving and we saw it all.  4 camps with great guides to show us the best that Africa has to offer.   Beside the two sail charters,  I had lots of time to hit the SF Bay for some rip roaring good times.  Our 40' Jeanneau is doing well and sailing like a champ.  I took out loads of friends and dogs as well as lots of solo sails on the Bay.  We also sailed to a few Giants games where we park the boat in a slip next to the ballpark and head in for some fun.  Most sails include a stop at the beach for a swim with our golden Hana.  She loves to swim to the beach and romp around.  Our Bluetooth anchoring system is a dream and makes it very easy to anchor from the cockpit.  I am loving retirement and keeping very busy.  Here is to another fantastic year in 2023!  Cheers. 
McCovey Cove at the Giants ballpark on a good day to catch a homer into the water!

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