Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Best Sail of the Year!

Welcome to 2023! New Year’s Day turned out to be a spectacular sailing day! Winds were forecasted to be 10-15 with gusts to 30. We got the 10-15 but otherwise sunny and mild. The winds move to the north in the winter and make some very long tacks towards Red Rock. We had a huge rainstorm the day before and so I was on the lookout for debris but found little in my way. Hana and I set out at 11:30 just as the wind was coming up. No ferries, tankers or barges all day! We had a fabulous run up to Paradise Cove and Scott’s House. Hana was itching for the beach so I threw a stick overboard, she fetched it and was on the beach in no time. I soon followed in the kayak. After a nice lunch in the cockpit we headed back under motor. As we got to the Berkeley Pier, the wind picked up and we sailed her in as the sun set. What a way to begin another fine sailing season on the SF Bay. 2023 will mark my 40th year of sailing the Bay!!!!

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