Friday, January 13, 2023

Massive Waves Slam California

Having lived near the ocean in the Bay Area for 40 years, I have seen my share of storms and waves. The storms started rolling in New Year's Eve and have not stopped since. And this is after many years of drought. Our biggest reservoirs have been storing less than 45% of their capacity. Trees and forests are dying due to the drought. Fires are raging in the summer and causing our skies to darken at mid day. California is struggling to say the least. Now with the onslaught of these storms, we struggle more. Yes we need the water but this has been too much. Towns being wiped out by waves, flooding, homes inundated with water, thousands of trees down due to satuated soil, rivers surging over their banks, people found dead in their cars when they drove in water that got too deep, and the list goes on. Today is Friday the 13th and it is still raining with 3 more storms on the way. They say it will be clear in a week or so and that will be none too soon. Lastly, the good news, the snow pack in the Sierra Nevada, which provides our drinking water, is over 200% at the moment. We are expecing another 8 feet in the coming days. Mammouth Mountain ski resort closed earlier this week due to too much snow. 440 inches have fallen, which is twice as much as all season last year. We still have 2.5 more months of snow to go! ve

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