Thursday, December 24, 2015

Most Popular Post of the Year

I have never in my 10 years of blogging had so many hits on one post.  At last count over 5000 hits.  I think another site must have posted a link and that's why it was so popular.  Here is the post of the year!

Au Naturale

You are out there in the middle of no where and nobody is around.  The boat is sailing by herself and the sun is warm on your skin.  Now is the perfect time to shed your garments and sail naked!  Even though it's not exactly tropical here in San Francisco, there are many days when the wind is lighter and the conditions are perfect for au naturale sailing.  If you have never tried, please be my guest.  One time I headed out for a sunset sail and the weather was nice.  Just out of the channel and off with my clothes.  I see a wind line up ahead and raise the sails.  Getting back to the cockpit its a breeze of about 15 knots.  All the sudden, it shoots up to 30 and I am in trouble.  I can't let go of the wheel, I am stark naked and boats are heading my way.  Usually I just sit down as they pass.  No chance here.  The boat is bucking, water is coming over the bow and I am holding on for dear life as both boats pass.  They must think I am nuts to be out there in those conditions with no clothes on.  OK, I am.  I sail like my life depends on it to the lee of Treasure and get the boat under control and my clothes back on.  Whew.

Good news, I applied for my Naked Sailing License with the State of California and it has arrived.  See below.  I purchased the Topless and Bottomless rating.

Now get out there, be discrete and have some good clean fun!


Tillerman said...

Hmmm. There are a few clues that that license may not be exactly official.

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