Friday, September 09, 2011

Baja Haha Here I Come!!

I attended the crew party last night for the Haha and it could be compared to
feeding frenzy. There were only about 8 or so skippers looking for
crew and about 50 sailors looking for a ride. I lucked out and met a
couple at the reg desk who arrived late. I introduced myself and we
hit it off. They have invited me to join them in San Diego for the
trip to Cabo!! I have been bummed out this week and I could not
figure out why. When I received their email today at 6pm, all the
weight was lifted and I realized it was because I had not found a boat

What is really cool is they are sailing a ....wait for it... an
Islander 36!! This is the boat that I am considering purchasing for
my trip to NZ in a few years. How cool is that? I am very excited
and can't wait to get underway. Be on the look out for blog entries from the voyage.
We depart on October 24!! Wish me a bon voyage!

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