Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wind Power

Back in the mid 80's I was living in Delaware for a year and working with my dad.  I had fallen head over heals with windsurfing and decided to start a sailing club.  I put out an ad in the local sports mag and had a bunch of interested folks.  Our plan was to schedule group day trips and over nighters to different locations on the Delmarva Peninsula.  Soon we were well over 20 members and having a ball.  The Chesapeake, Dewey Beach, several lakes in the area and more.  I sent out a monthly schedule and it was a hit!  My fondest memory was a trip to Dewey Beach in DE in the early fall.  We had rented a house for the weekend and had a dozen sailors.  It was after dinner and the wind really came up when the idea struck me that we should go for a night sail on the bay.  We each had a small glow stick on our mast and hit the beach.  The wind was in the 20's and we were flying across the bay.  It was my very first night sail!  We all had a blast and then we headed home.  The wind continued thru the weekend and we sailed the heck out of that bay.  The name of the club was Wind Power (after the Thomas Dolby song that I love).

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