Friday, September 16, 2011

Overnight Sail

My best bud Tex bought a sail boat a few years ago and I never get to sail with him anymore.  That all changed Wednesday as I hooked up with Tex and my other best bud Dave.  We headed out about 10:30 for the ball park to take in an afternoon game against the Padres.  There were no guest berths available, so I decided to anchor in McCovey cove and kayak to the game.  I had dropped the crew off nearby.  I set the anchor well and backed down on it to make sure she would hold steady.  Arrived at the game and saw my friends and we sat down to enjoy a win by the Giants.  We could easily see the boat in the cove so no worries.  We then took off for Angel Island for the night.  The day had been foggy but when we arrived at Ayela Cove, the sun was bright for our game of bocce in the picnic area.  Tex won one and so we headed to the somewhat new mooring field.  We set the bow towards the strait so we would not bounce around.  Had a lovely dinner from the BBQ and enjoyed lots of stories and laughter.  Next morning we were up for pancakes and tea.  We made it home at noon and what a great trip with my best friends!!

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