Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sojourn to Tomales Bay

Tex and I are preparing to depart for Tomales Bay next weekend.  This is our first ocean voyage together and we are excited.  We are taking all the precautions as in life raft, GPIRB, etc so we can have a safe trip.  We depart with the ebb on Sunday 10-2, and head to Drake's Bay.  The next morning we will head up to the entrance of Tomales Bay.  This entrance has claimed many lives over the years due to sneaker waves.  I have studied the charts and tides and the best time to enter is towards the end of a flood, which we will have in the afternoon that day.  The sneakers come up during the ebb.  We plan to spend two days in the bay and then head back.  Tomales is loaded with wild life and flat sailing.  It should be a great adventure and one you will be hearing about after our trip.  If you would like to read about another sailors journey to Tomales, go here.
Click the chart for a larger view.

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