Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday Sail in San Francisco

Took the skipper of our Baja Haha cruise out for sail on Sunday.  It was raining on the way to the boat but I had studied the forecasts and knew it was going to clear.  We headed out about noon with a slight drizzle in the air.  We hit a light wind line just outside the channel and started to sail.  After the first tack it picked up to 12 knots.  As we continued towards the end of the pier, it was in the high teens and looking good.  We made it past the end of the pier and we set a course for Angel Island.  It was slowly starting to clear. Near Alcatraz we hove to for a quick lunch.  Then it was a nice run to Sausalito.  The sky was blue and the sun was out.  We threw on the kite for the run home and it was a beautiful downwind race to the barn.  The wind gusted a few times and we rounded up a few times but quickly got her under control and heading in the right direction.  Conor and I both really enjoyed the sail and we are so glad the rain did not deter us from this awesome day on the bay!

The City from WTK Photography on Vimeo.

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