Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bathing Suits Are Optional

Back in college I was the lifeguard at the UNLV pool. One day, two lovely ladies stopped by and asked if the pool was open. I said yes and for the next half hour, bathing suits are optional. Well, I had used this line before and received a smile or laugh but never had I had any takers, until that day. Before I could say, Do you prefer mouth to mouth resuscitation or back pressure arm lift?, they were skinny dipping in my pool! The pool is a 50 meter and the lap swimmers at the other end had no idea what was going down in the deep end. Next thing I know, they are going off the diving boards and I am doing some of the best life guarding of my life! And these girls were hot! So they come swimming over and ask if there is a place for some sun bathing. I tell them we happen to have a private sundeck and for the next half hour....

So the pool closes and the lap swimmers file out. Next, the mens swim team assembles on the deck with the assistant coach. The head coach was out of town and the assistant coach is a former teammate. I tell my teammates that I have a wonderful surprise for them. We have some sliding doors that lead out to the sundeck behind us and I slide them open to reveal two naked ladies glistening in the sun. You should have seen their eyes light up! The coach looks me right in the the eyes and says, Craig, practice is cancelled! We proceed out to the deck and the girls don't even flinch when 10 guys waltz out and put down their towels. Turns out they were quite comfy being naked as they were high priced ladies of the night that catered to the high rollers that came into town. We talked and they told us stories of their escapades in the nicest hotels Las Vegas had to offer. Next thing you know we are in the pool having chicken fights with the girls on top and the team loving it! We had a great afternoon and Cheryl and Renee (not their real names) loved all the attention. I have used that line many times, but never with the outcome of that day in Vegas!

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