Monday, March 09, 2009

Sail on Sailor

Remember that old Beach Boys tune? My weekend was kind of like the song. Headed up to the boat with Kona for a Friday evening sunset sail. The winds were 15-18 and we had a perfect sail out towards Alcatraz with the sun going down behind the Marin headlands. As it got dark I put on some classic Pink Floyd. On of the songs, Seamus, which features a dog barking, really got Kona going and he was barking right along with it. Had a nice night on the boat and then took care of some chores in the morning. On Sunday, I took out the Hunky Dory to a local lake in Fremont. The Hunky is a 16' wooden dory with a 505 rig that I have owned for 10 years. She was built by a local high school and I am the third owner. I have done some work on her this winter and she was sailing smartly on a perfect wind day. Kona came along again and he enjoyed the breeze and the water. Sailed for about three hours and it was one of the best sails on the Hunk! Looking forward to another awesome year sailing into the wild blue yonder.

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