Thursday, March 12, 2009

Burning Down the House - Social DJ on iTunes

With the latest iTunes update, Apple has made a nice jump into the social DJ arena. What used to be called Party Shuffle and is now called iTunes DJ, when you have a party, your guests with iPhones can hook into your WIFI and request the next song to be played from your library. Of course, they must have the latest Remote app on their device but how cool is that?? You can also put a password on your lib so that only a select few can pick the next song. The real fun begins when you allow your guests to vote on the next song so no one can pick a lame song by Manilow (tell me you don't have any Barry in your lib...please). We have come along very long way since the intro of iTunes in Jan. 2001 and it just keeps getting better. Keep it going Cupertino!

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