Thursday, March 05, 2009

Planning to Set Sail This Year??

Here it is just a few more days until we turn the clocks ahead and spring is on the horizon. Let's say you have always dreamed of sailing your local lake or nearby body of water. Let's make it happen this year! The cheapest way to go is getting involved with a local racing group and joining them for a race or two. If you have a lake or bay nearby, call your cities recreation department and sign up for some sailing lessons. Here in San Francisco, we have the Latitude 38 Crew List Party next Wednesday. Skippers are looking for crew so jump on the boat. Thinking about buying your own boat but money is tight? Think partnership! I have a Newport 30 that I partner with four other friends for over 8 years now. We each pay $100/month ($3 per day!) for a terrific bay boat that can handle anything the bay has thrown at her. It's a buyers market and a fine 29-31' vessel can be picked up for under $5000. Lastly, you could do some shopping, kick a few tires and buy your own boat. I just helped a friend buy his fist boat and he purchased an Ericson 27 for $8000 and loves his new to him boat. So now is the time to set the wheels in motion and get out on the water for some fun and stress relief. To me, sailing recharges the soul and puts a smile on my face every time I hit the water!!

PS. If you need info on how to start a partnership, feel free to contact me.

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